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Apple Offering Some Developers Second Chance to Buy Unclaimed WWDC Tickets

Apple is offering some developers a chance to buy unclaimed WWDC tickets, according to a report from 9to5Mac and several Twitter users. Apple has emailed certain developers to offer them WWDC tickets,..
Reported by MacRumours.com 1 hour ago
2 hours ago
booqpad: combining ipad tech with good old paper

Booqpad: Combining iPad tech with good old paper

Booq makes some nice products for Apple fans, and one of the more recent announcements from the company was for the Booqpad for iPad Air (US$60 for grey, $95 for black/stone). While it looks like just..

3 hours ago

Apple's Shazam Partnership Could Boost Advertising Efforts

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Apple has plans to integrate song identification features into iOS 8 through a partnership with audio discovery platform Shazam, but as suggested by media..

The Register
3 hours ago

Leaked photos may indicate slimmer next-generation iPad

3 hours ago

Bookmix Launches New No-Cost App as a Fun & Easy Way for Writers to Create, Collaborate & Connect with Readers Around the World

New no-cost app Bookmix empowers users to write anywhere from a few lines – to a few hundred pages – and share their unique creation with readers around the globe. Users can also invite others to..

3 hours ago

Tivola Publishing Ltd Are Pleased To Announce iOS and Android App LabRATory Is Now Available At No-Cost

Tivola Publishing Ltd. proudly presents “LabRATory,” the highly appreciated popular mobile game, that is now available at no-cost. Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2014 LabRATory is a..

3 hours ago

Poptropica’s “Mission Atlantis” Takes Players to the Bottom of the Sea, Online Now

Episodic Adventure Available Soon on New Poptropica App Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 18, 2014 Poptropica players will travel to the bottom of the sea in “Mission Atlantis,” an episodic quest..

4 hours ago

Addictive Endless Puzzle Game Onkula Launched by Intemi Games

New application Onkula from Intemi Games is a matching puzzle based game on a hexagonal scene and is available now in the App Store as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad. (PRWEB) April 18,..

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