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iPhone 6 Roundup Update

Our iPhone 6 roundup has been updated with the latest information, including several details about the 4.7-inch model divined from a completed logic board, and an official September 9 unveiling..
Reported by MacRumours.com 1 hour ago
Boy Genius Report
2 hours ago

The Galaxy Note didn’t ‘kill’ the iPhone… but it may be hurting the iPad

It has been clear for a year that tablet market growth has been slowing down a lot faster than anyone expected. But nevertheless, the latest IDC numbers are a stiff shock. The firm’s previous..

2 hours ago

4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Logic Board Equipped With Qualcomm's MDM9625 LTE Modem

Amid all of the leaks today based on photos and videos from luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk [Instagram page], one additional point worth mentioning is the device's LTE modem. While photos..

The Next Web
2 hours ago
photoshop mix update makes app easier to use and interoperable with photoshop express

Photoshop Mix update makes app easier to use and interoperable with Photoshop Express

Adobe’s Photoshop Mix app for iPad, released alongside a flurry of new updates for Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2014 suite, did something no other tablet-based app could — use the..

Digital Trends
2 hours ago
adobe updates photoshop mix for ipad with enhanced features, faster performance

Adobe updates Photoshop Mix for iPad with enhanced features, faster performance

Just a few months after launching Photoshop Mix for iPad, Adobe has an update that adds new features and enhanced performance, including support for larger image files, panorama images, and..

3 hours ago
jimmy kimmel takes on 12.9-inch ipad in latest skit

Jimmy Kimmel takes on 12.9-inch iPad in latest skit

Jimmy Kimmel isn't one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Apple while entertaining his audience. Last night's show was no exception with Kimmel taking on the 12.9-inch iPad rumors in a skit..

Christian Science Monitor
4 hours ago

Best tablet deals for Labor Day weekend: bargains on iPad mini, Lenovo Miix, and more

There's a tablet out there to fit just about every need and budget, and there are bargains to be had this labor Day weekend and beyond. Check out the best tablet deals this week, from iPad to Lenovo to..
4 hours ago

Inside Apple's PR Practices, From Media Control to Attitude Shift Under Tim Cook

In a lengthy 9 part exposé, 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman delves into the inner workings of Apple's PR team. While much of what Gurman covers is already fairly well known, his coverage provides an expansive..

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