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iPad Plus with 12.9inch screen set to launch later this year to combat Microsoft's Surface and the rise of the 'convertible' laptops

iPad Plus with 12.9inch screen set to launch later this year to combat Microsoft's Surface and the rise of the 'convertible' laptopsRhoda Alexander, an analyst at market researcher IHS, said the plans were already well advanced and the 'megapad' could be released later this year.
Reported by MailOnline 1 hour ago
1 hour ago

FCC Votes in Favor of Net Neutrality Rules, Classifies Broadband Service as a Utility

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor by a 3-to-2 decision to enforce net neutrality rules that it claims will help protect freedom of expression and innovation on the..

2 hours ago

Apple Opens Up 'iWork for iCloud' to Everyone, No Apple Device Required

Following a short beta testing period, Apple's iCloud.com website has been updated to make its iWork suite of apps accessible to all users, even those without an Apple device. As of today,..

Christian Science Monitor
2 hours ago

After court victory, Smartflash sues Apple again over patents

After a federal jury awarded $532.9 million to the patent licensing firm, Smartflash is now suing Apple again for patent infringement involving the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2.

2 hours ago

Apple Targeting Early April Launch Date for Apple Watch

Apple has not provided details on when the Apple Watch might begin shipping to customers beyond the broad "April" launch date shared by CEO Tim Cook, but new information provided to MacRumors suggests..

Zero Hedge
3 hours ago
german bank predicts apple stock tumbles over 50% as shares roundtrip to $60

German Bank Predicts Apple Stock Tumbles Over 50% As Shares Roundtrip To $60

When it comes to the sellside putting up ludicrous upside price targets on any stock, and especially cult-favorite Apple, the media world is all smiles: after all, with AAPL once again the defining..

3 hours ago

Smartflash Hits Apple With Second Lawsuit After Winning $533 Million Verdict

Just one day after Apple was ordered to pay a $532.9 million settlement to Smartflash LLC for infringing upon its patented technologies, the Texas-based patent licensing firm has sued the..

3 hours ago

Tapbots aiming to release major Tweetbot updates for iPhone & iPad before June, Tweetbot 2 for Mac coming next

Tapbots has announced on its website that it is officially discontinuing some of its apps to focus on Tweetbot and Calcbot, for the time being. Convertbot’s features have been built into Calcbot,..

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